Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hello, my name is Edgar. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell a little about myself. My English is not good, but I think that you will understand me. If not, then with my fist, I will beat up your face. No, it's a joke.
I have 20 years. People say that I look older, maybe 30 years. I live in Riga, a city in Europe which is known for its prostitution and poverty. This is not a joke, it may seem that this is a joke, but it's not a joke.
I am 196cm tall and weigh 103kg. This is normal. Tell me whether this is normal?
I like to practice judo. Last summer I went to summer camp and I do judo. Yet we went swimming in the evenings, when giving up judo. My father says that judo is a manly sport. My coach says that judo is more important than life, and all non-judo is manure.
I also like to be with friends. My friends are all from the judo camp. Ever, we drank beer and lying on the ground and talking about judo.
I am looking for a girlfriend, preferably an adult who interested in judo and a long relationship. She should be long, nimble and ready to do everything. No joke.
I hope in the future to find a lot of friends. Please write me.
See you later.

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