Wednesday, 9 March 2011


A real mans handshake! I put my hand in your hand like a dead fish and say to you, right in the eye - “Privet!”. I welcome you my friend in my very own shelter. I want you to enjoy your time here, I want you to be very happy. First I tell about me, my family and my shelter. Follow me!

This is me:

Hello! This is me in this picture. My name is Awrang Farhang.I come from Tajikistan. I'm twenty five years old. My profession is goat farming. I eat a lot of fish and corn, on very daily basis. I am a very nice guy. I speak both russian,tajik, german and english. I am also very single, you are free to send me offers.

My Family:

This is my family. Very nice family. Everyone is doctor and goat farming. They follow American dream. I am not in this picture.

My shelter & My dream:

I want to make world better. I want peace in world, and all people love each other. I wish to be a writer, because I enjoy reading books and writing e-mails. My dream is to become the best writer in Tajikistan and go live in Slovenia.


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