Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Story about Vlad - The Believer.

This is from my own diary.

One day goat farmer Vlad (in picture) sit on his bench, near house. Moonlight shines on him, in that way uncovering his depraved face. He is half naked, as always. I know, I watch him closely every night. He scratch his balls. Sickly-sweet smell breath in my face from wind. This is not good. He again pretends to read book, a bible. He wishes to be a believing man. But he doesn't know how to read. He stares at his goats. He shouts "What are you doing!". Goat don't answer. His wife comes out. She says "dinner ready." Vlad ask "What is dinner?" Wife say "Beans is dinner". Vlad angry "I say you all time! I hate beans." Wife say "Kill goat, get meat." Wife go home in. Vlad is thinking, you can tell as he is scratching his stomak. After ten minutes he takes a steel pipe. He go to goat. Goat sees pipe and say "Please, dear sir, don't kill me" Vlad say "I want your meat". He is ready to make a fatal blow to goat. Suddenly earth opens. Comes out Jesus, look like Mel Gibson. He say "You shall not kill" Vlad is sorry. He lets his goat go away. Ten days later Vlad dies from grastritis.

End of stories.

Awrang Farhang

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